Why We're different

Jeff is an issue advocate who has worked on and helped pass legislation in Harrisburg.  


Through Dempsey's work with legislators on both sides of the aisle, PA passed the first gun control legislation in 23 years.


He has run a campaign that is 100% people-funded.  His campaign relies on donations from individuals, not corporations or special interest groups.  


Jeff knows that system inequality is one of the biggest crises we face. He would never believe that legislative success could be claimed because grant money was doled out to well-connect projects like the Fashion District while representing one of America's poorest cities.   


Dempsey will fight against ICE on the local level by blocking access to PA databases like PennDOT's driver's license database.  


Jeff will introduce and work to pass a Green Light Law that provides all citizens with access to a State ID. 

To see our plans to address other issues please check out our priorities page.  

JefF Dempsey


Mary Isaacson voted on a bill to extend the E-Verify Program to the construction industry.  


E-Verify is a “government surveillance program” that is used to track working immigrants.


E-Verify has cost small businesses, disrupted union organizing, calcified discriminatory hiring and cost work-eligible immigrants their jobs.  


It is also used by the President and ICE to identify and target undocumented citizens. 

When asked about this vote Rep. Isaacson said, “It could be used by some people to hurt other people”.  

Which begs the question if it can be used by anyone to hurt anyone why make the vote?  The answer is money:


Rep. Isaacson took over $40,000 from groups who wanted this bill passed.  


53% of the money she raised came from such political committees.  


After circumventing the electorate to obtain office she has betrayed undocumented citizens to get money to help keep it.  

The plague of money in politics marganilizes  communities, and erodes the values of elected officials.  It promotes the interest of the well-financed over the needs of the vulnerable.  And it deepens the disconnect between government and constituents.

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